Julie Louise Bacon |

  • 31 May

  • jbacon

Throughout 2018, in a year-long studio, I am revisiting my 20+year performance practice in a curating and publishing project titled 8x∞.

In both the atmosphere of poetic thinking and the process of philosophical reasoning, impressions of lived and conceptualized time combine, swirl, mesh, erase and conjure one another. The term ‘recollecting’ conjures the act of drawing immaterial and material things together in different ways. Recollecting a memory, a place, an idea, an archive, a performance… means remaking it. Repetition always means difference, casting up developments in time in new ways.


This project recollects performance as a process of individual becoming and a practice of social life. From the outset, my practice was concerned with the ways in which intimate and social processes intertwine through time to produce reality. Then as now, my performances are marked by a motivation to both experiment with being as an experience of duration and to investigate the conditioning of being by historical forces and the social conditions they define.


In the course of my practice, I have held positions in artist-led arts organisations, initiated and collaborated in numerous artist collectives, and participated in over 30 international performance festivals. This project approaches the content, context and timeline of individual performances in this trajectory as instances for unpacking overarching performance histories and the conditions of network reality as they have unfolded the past two decades.


8x∞ aligns with my broader critical interest in the present…as constituted by the folding-in-and-out of multiple pasts and futures…the present as an ensemble of timelines of varying duration and extensity in the physical, social and inner worlds…the potential in the present of a reversibility, non-linearity, an alchemy of time… the performance of time woven in the material and immaterial world of the gesture and the trace, the object and the digital image…the body as an immediate and distributed reality, a location and a field.