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In her research, Julie Louise Bacon focuses on the ways in which physical, social and mental spaces are shaped by one another, through time. How is the imagination shaped by public space and infrastructure; how does history interact with memory; how are inorganic things such as objects ‘alive’; how does architecture shape or perform values; what connections can be drawn between landscapes and philosophies, geography and the body? This research reflects an interdisciplinary approach to making and thinking, and takes the form of art, curating, and writing projects.

Julie Louise’s art projects range from durational performance, lens-based media and gallery installations, to site-responsive works in urban and landscape settings. She has presented her work internationally in settings including Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2015), Waratah Bay in Victoria, Australia; White Cube, London (2013); the desert at Broken Hill in Australia (2012); ZAZ festival in Tel Aviv (2011); Western Front, Vancouver (2010), the Goethe Institute, Dublin (2007); and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2006).

Bacon has held organisational roles in Hull Time Based Arts, England (1994-98), was co-director of Catalyst Arts in Northern Ireland (2003-05), and has held curatorial posts at Espace Virtuel (2000-01) and La Chambre Blanche (2010-12) in Québec, Canada. In 2012 she became Artistic Director of Embassy for Water, a conceptual art project developed with James Geurts. During this time, she developed Embassy projects for public spaces and arts organisations in the Middle East, Australia and Europe, including a three-year consultancy (2012-2015) for Leeuwarden, Holland, European Capital of Culture 2018.

Julie Louise has organised international festivals, conferences and exhibitions on themes including: the shifting relations between material and digital culture (Performing the Archive); network technologies and society (Signal); the reimagining of historical sites through contemporary art (Töne). She has also acted as a consultant for artists and institutions on projects ranging from permanent public artworks (Archaelogy of Time) to the implementation of physical and digital archiving strategies (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne).

Her essays and books expand on these themes, as well as dealing with broader developments in contemporary art and culture in the network ages. She situates these in an historical and interdisciplinary perspective, in a style that combines analytical and narrative voices.

She is Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design in Sydney, where she co-wrote the Masters of Curating & Cultural Leadership and teaches across theory and studio courses. This follows academic posts as Lecturer at the University of Kent and Research Associate in Art in Context at Interface in the University of Ulster. At UNSW, she is active in the National Institute for Experimental Arts, where she is a member of the Contemporary Culture Art and Politics research group.