Julie Louise Bacon | Local Time

Local Time

  • 06 Jan

  • jbacon

LOCAL TIME is a print work composed from responses to a performance score sent out to artists  in 8 time zones around the world.

The invited contributors share an artistic history at one or more points, through one or more trajectories. The work sought to explore the layered meaning of local beyond the idea of shared space and into the quality of shared time that arises from reactivating a network through a new act of communication, in this case an artistic proposition.

The work was presented as an A0 poster and a multiple, offered in an edition of 200 to visitors, in the exhibition The Time Salon, Artspace Sydney, 25 May-19 June 2017.

Featuring the work of:

Helen Sharp (Northern Ireland, UTC+0)

Zeigam Azizov (London, UK, UTC+0)

Daniel Acosta (Buenos Aires, Argentina, UTC-3)

Rita Castro Neves (Porto, Portugal, UTC+1)

Ütó Gustáv (Sepsizentgyörgy, Transylvania, UTC+2)

Chumpon Apisuk (Lanta Island, Thailand, UTC+7)

Jamie McMurry (Santiago, Chile, UTC-4)

John G. Boehme (Victoria, Canada, UTC-7)

James Geurts (Melbourne, Australia, UTC+10)